Thursday, March 24, 2011


Once you have an initial goal in mind, the key is to
attack it with fervor. Goodness knows the number of
jobs I have held where I worked my fingers to the bone,
long hours and little pay, no reward or consideration, and
still I kept at it. I at least owe it to myself to maintain that
same sense of drive for my own interests.

We all have a domesticated willingness to devalue self 
and a subservience, because that is what society teaches;
we must have the will to break free. Will power is
necessary to accomplish anything, and it's frowned upon
by many as 'bad' because it makes the difference between
making it (and being competition for the 'winners') or
failing (and playing right into the hands of the manipulative
Commitment to your goals, the drive to keep at it no matter
what, and the push to make your own ideas come to pass
are all crucial for being successful. All of these practical
applications require more than lip service; they require true
force of will. Mind over matter.

You have to decide in your mind to succeed and that
you are dedicated to it regardless of the risk or results
or recriminations. You have to mentally prepare and be
determined before it can happen. (Knowing you can do it
also ties directly into esteem, so see step 13 for more on that.)

Dedication is perseverance. Doing the work that needs
doing no matter the difficulty. Complaints are of no
significance. Circumstance are of no importance. "Ain't no
use in complainin'...when there's a job to do..." And it has to be
actual and gut level; faking it won't cut it. You aren't being
paranoid; people are out to get you. (In fact, look only to
self to find the one person who truly supports your dreams.)

You can move  a 4-bedroom house full of furniture with
only your own body and will power, if you decide to.

You can take a diagnosis of a  'terminal illness' the 'medical
community' said would take you in 6 months time, and survive
hale and hearty for 4 & 1/2 years...if you decide to.

You can build a house your own way...
you can make a living your own way...
you can put a message on a van...
If you can imagine it, it can become reality.

Eyes on the prize.
Bottom line it.
Stick to it.
"Whatever it takes, Babycakes."