Tuesday, November 20, 2012


There simply isn't enough time to devote ourselves to all
that we take a fancy to or wish to indulge in. At some point,
tough choices have to be made in order to spend adequate
time dedicated to the things that need it. Choices have to be
made as to what exactly our priorities are.

It is often painful and difficult, but the action of being decisive
is what forms our personhood, our character, and the actual
form and track our life will take.

There is no guidebook; decisions in life aren't like the movies,
with clear, easy, emotionally black-and-white options. Life is
messy, convoluted and very grey. We have to sacrifice something
no matter what we do, and it's almost never a completely feel-good

They say that 'fortune favors the brave,' and that's largely true. I know
of few people who have something that didn't take a calculated risk in
order to be achieved. But only an individual can know what risk, when, and
where are right for them....and what outcomes can be dealt with adequately.
Rash decisions and gambling are something else all together!

Learning to interpret and trust our own intuition is a huge factor, too.
How we go about deciding (our attitude, energy, and the confidence we do--
or don't have) is seen by others and makes all the difference.

We just have to take what we know, get our thinking solid, and go with our gut.
Then commit ourselves to it and live with the results.

Because staying in limbo, wishing, praying, hoping, and--most
especially--endlessly considering what might happen...that's the way
of stagnation and despair. And the longer you stay there, the harder
it is to move forward in any direction.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nothing But the Push

It doesn't matter the length of time,
or the difficulty of the terrain,
the absence of supporters or witnesses,
how torn up and hassled and spent you are,
or how many times you have stop to get a second wind....

so long as you keep getting back up,
keep pushing through the pain,
believe in yourself,
and give it your personal best.

The race is won by those who
don't give up.

'Last place' still crosses
the damned finish line.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Make Yourself HEARD


(And VOTE for
a candidate
that will
your right to
continue to do so!)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coming of Age

Of course, everyone knows the Biblical quote regarding the end of
innocence;  "When I was a child I spake as a child, I understood as a
child, I fought as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish
things." from 1st Corinthians...(but, without the hopeful upswing that
precedes and follows.) For to have blinders stripped away, to see things
for what they truly are, although sobering, is not any kind of pleasantry.

This world is one of distraction, illusion, and con-artistry.
We are formed from youth to imagine a world where fair play and hard
work are justly and regularly rewarded. Not only does adherence to
this notion ensure that we will be demolished most swiftly by a world
whose other players most certainly do not subscribe to such fallible
notions, but we are also set up so that--should we survive years of
assault while maintaining said outlandish principles--we will be worn down
spiritually and emotionally as we come to grips with the falsehoods
of our teachings....betrayed, misled, and unprepared.

Learning that all you know is a lie is a daunting revelation, under
the best of circumstances. But to find yourself unprepared for battle in
an environment where most others still in the fight have been preparing
and hardening for decades? It's a formidable task, catching up and
learning on the fly.

Police, landlords, bosses, lawmakers, business owners, politicians,
the wealthy, property owners...these are the people with the power.
These are the ones the rest of us demure to, regardless of how well
we cater and kowtow and play the game. Even if you do so amicably,
you're still under the boot heel of the masters.

They make the rules, and control our lives. It isn't pleasant, and it isn't
easy to admit. All those idealistic pleasantries about 'changing things'
and 'living a good life' are out the window. This is the savage land....
the real deal....the hard reality....the long-avoided starkness.

It's not enough to expose darkness. To penalize it. To counter it.

It's a never-ending tale of endless grief and pain. The only way to
win is to stop avoiding the obvious; darkness reigns, and the only way
to 'defeat it' is to attain it and possess it for yourself.

And only a radical, savage, fundamental rules change will cause that to happen.

Recognize, acknowledge, accept...then internalize. It's kill or be killed,
and the 'adult' world will not be kept waiting.


Thursday, October 4, 2012


There's not a person I know who hasn't made some comment
in the last year that could be paraphrased this succinctly;
"Life never really turns out like you think it will, does it?"

The common theme and the universal nature of this conclusion
doesn't have to be dark or depressing; it's a simple assessment
of shared human predicament. I have made a certain peace that
the dreams and plans I had will (mostly) not come true.

That doesn't mean defeat; I still forge ahead on some matters
while other, less realistic ones that have born fruit have been
slowly released. And I find new interests, new focus, new joys.

It's hard to balance between striving and fervently desiring,
and yet not being so married to ideas and notions that you
can't go on when expectations aren't met! Many people wrap
themselves up in a cloak of identity that revolves around a
job, a relationship, a place...and have extraordinarily tough times
coming to grips with a loss or change regarding them.

But, there are disappointments in every life, and most of us are
not going to be the next Oprah. Of course, in order to be the next
Oprah (which of course would be 'the first YOU',) you have to
believe in a dream 100%...as it should be. But there may come a
time where you have to face some cold hard truths--decide whether
you will rededicate of go a new path.

The business of life--filled with sickness, loss, death, drained finances,
setbacks, and betrayals--does not run on a smooth track. Some are
lucky, most are not. Hard work has shit to do with it; plenty of hard
working fools failed miserably.

I think those people that go on TV (celebrities, the wealthy, artists, etc.)
who give this big toothy grin about being so incredibly happy and fulfilled
and how everything in their life is perfect--I think they're full of shit.
I think they're either lying because they have an image to maintain, a
studio to please, they're trying to convince themselves, or something else
is wrong.

That, or, for that briefest of moments, while the cameras are rolling,
they're on a high, or in a good place the day of the interview, where
they really mean what they say. But it's just a blip on the radar. I don't
think I'm being cynical--I have just seen way too many people beaten
down and reduced to 'merely surviving' when all the bells and whistles stop.

As the man said: "Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone."

It could all be over at any time, or our privilege could be eradicated
at any time. The key is to pick up the pieces and move forward with it.

Evolve or Die!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pushing Through

Often times we can hit a wall with pretty much anything
that threatens to stall us out, aggravate us, discourage us,
or distract us. A stumbling block can turn into a sense of
an impenetrable wall, if we allow it.

When we get sidetracked from a goal or task, or even life
itself, it's important to regroup. In life, we typically don't
feel like doing what we do, but have to do it anyway.

A hurt leg, a tired body, wounded pride...these can all
add to a negative vibe, low energy, or stilted motivation.
But it's in those moments we have to find strength deep
inside and push through.

Sometimes it can even be the seemingly endless hurdles we find

ourselves jumping through, with frustration being the result of
no end in sight and no progress evident.

If we wait for perfect moments or obvious opportunities,
nothing will ever be accomplished. If we want to achieve
anything of importance, we can't let our thoughts or actions
or schedules be defined or guided by our state of mind or body.

If we're honest, most times these aches, pains, heartaches,
and musings are just excuses to opt out of efforts that are
frightening or difficult. But the way we become stronger is to
push through and fully experience pain and fear. Whether it's
the task we're avoiding or the actual symptom that is holding
us back.

When I get waylaid by pain and problems, I just remind myself
of the heroic struggles of people without legs or arms who get
up and face challenges every day, or someone similarly in a
position that far outweighs my mediocre plight. That helps me
to gain perspective on the matter.

But I also pep talk myself and positively talk my way through it,
finding strength and resolve in myself, as well as desensitizing
the difficult as being 'just another aspect of life.'

It also helps to rededicate yourself to what it is you feel is
important. Refresh it in your mind and keep it vitally visual at all
times. (If you're having trouble with knowing exactly what you want
or working towards a specific task, just handle one set of basic tasks
or hurdles at a time so you can get that sense of accomplishment.)

The struggle and the pain is just a part of the journey.
Try not to use it as an excuse to sit the race out.


Monday, September 10, 2012

bare knuckle



Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thus Emerges the Hardcore Butterfly

Everyone has ulterior motives....


can be controlled....

is after something....

has something they'll kill for....

is sick....

is broken....

can be used....

can be beaten....

can be bought....

can be broken.

Open yourself to the game.

When you make the rules yourself,

anything goes.

Burst forth

with a transformed soul


"Do or Die"

opens up a whole new world

of possibilities.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Throw Aside the Blinders of Youth

When you choose between being a Top or a Bottom
in Life, choose carefully.
There are no rules or demands about being nice in
this life. We're trained like dogs to believe that thriving
is dependent upon 'goodness,' but that's a myth.

Outside of children's fairy tales, the act of being kind,
demure, nice, and friendly bear no positive impact on
most things in this world. In fact, these actions single you
out as a potential target.

Nice doesn't cut it. There's no profit in it.

Don't be intimidated by a change; 'mean' people know
not to waste their time with bullshit. They're keeping
themselves protected from useless chit chat, triviality,
kittens, neighbors, world peace; they're practical,
invested in self and gain, not impressing or pleasing
anyone else. 

They make the first strike, defensive. Tactical.
Decisive. We've been taught that 'mean' equals 'bad'
because 'mean' people (realistic folks, practical folks)
survive, and the ruling class wants no competition.

Keep protected against the slings and arrows and
bullshit of all others at all times. Survival isn't pretty,
and manners won't be required for these End Times.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Break Those Chains

Don't try to impress anyone;
care nothing for what they think, say,  or do.

Be nonplussed at all times; Have no expectation of anyone or anything.

Be Zen; practice Detachment.

Develop perspective; unaffected by all, knowing that nothing man does
bears significance for you.

Embracing the impermanence of everything...opinion, slander, debate,
jealousy, conflict, etc.

In your own world, self-contained...no concerns.

Focused on your own stuff, your own needs, your own agenda, your
own tasks, your own survival.

Dress how you want, do what you want, go where you want, say what you
want...the ability to be powerful is taken, not permitted. Take on the
repercussions for a live of freedom head-on.

Think for yourself, sing and dance when you want, cease catering to others.

Be 'inappropriate', be intolerant, be dismissive, be offensive...it's good for
people to see different things, to not always have things their way, to be
exposed and to question.

Set your own standards and rules. Accept being Unique unto self.


Friday, June 29, 2012

It's There; Find It

Always hold yourself in the highest esteem.

Afford no restriction in loving yourself,
your plans, your past, your ideas...everything
about you. Crush self-doubt and guilt. Reject
shame and demurity.

Become as bright and as bold as the stars
you see other great people as. There is
nothing in them that isn't equally in you;
it's all attitude, drive, belief, and training.

No one lese is equipped or competent to
judge you on anything; no one can know you
or understand your purpose, so why listen
to their criticisms?

Build yourself up; confidence is
inordinately important to success. It may not
stay at the same level of energy, but as long as it
is habitually returned to as a mindset after every
set-back, you will not fail. (Even if an endeavor
'fails,' the success is in still going onward.)

Keep a wall up blocking out all the distractions
and detractors. Maintain your vision.
There is no other voice to be heard but yours,
lovingly pushing onward, bestowing praise
and acceptance.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Every Man Is An Island

There's a reason the world tries to teach
that 'aloneness' is a devil's ploy; an unwinnable,
severe, desperate situation to be avoided and
condemned at all costs.

Society hates individualism, and wishes to stomp it
out at every turn. The individual being strong
and singular diminishes society's hold over us.
And that's bad --in theory--for the whole, but
certainly not the parts.

There is great strength in separating from the unwashed
masses of hypnotized sheep.
Be an island;
detached from sway,

It's an arduous and intricate process, but all
things worth the effort are.

In business, you wouldn't take on a
losing proposition with a bad track record
and a guarranteed loss on your investment,
so why would you do it in personal relations?

People are unreliable, inefficient, hateful, dangerous,
judgmental, damaged, lying, unloyal pieces of
garbage. We know that going in if we've paid attention to
anything... Moved past the pleasantries and facade...
Lived long enough and been lucky enough to
survive the armageddon of the human race.

Make smart choices in your life as you would with your
money; invest wisely, avoid problems, cut your losses.
Keep it skeptical and cynical.

"Never use your heart--use your head."


Saturday, June 23, 2012

When in Rome....

If you're in the battle,
you damned well better learn to fight!

The decision to be passive or weak (while
everyone else in the world is engaged in
war) is a sure way to be subjugated or destroyed.

Other people being coarse, criminal, rude,
angry, abusive, etc. isn't the problem; savagery is
a given so long as you're topside on this mudball.

It is the way it is, and hating it won't change it,
so you better learn to change yourself in preparation.

No, your not fighting back is the problem.

Each of us has a right--a responsibility--
to fight for our life, for what is ours, for our
loved ones. That's an  irrefutable human truth.

Survival is our right; there is no higher authority
than embracing animal instinct and claiming what
is rightfully yours. Being understood by society
is not remotely on a list of concerns.

Fight for your life, tooth and nail, to the bitter end.
Because 'they' are always and forever gunning for
you, whether you recognize it, respond to it,
agree with it...or not.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Lose that Goddamned Fairy Tale Mentality

There is no such thing as a fair fight.

There are winners and losers, and no
real middle ground. And the world cares
nothing for losers.

The orchestrators of the concepts of
(ever-unattainable) Justice and Fairness--
the ideas of Possibility of retrieving a
sensible and balanced outcome from
defeats--they're the people who didn't
fight fair, now in a position to lie about 'how'
things work.

Because frustration and conflict and
constant disappointment knee-cap an
opponent better than any up-front assault
ever could!

Pretending that the world works based on
civility and good-heartedness and positive
thinking and philanthropy (when deviousness
is behind every profit and score)...it's brilliant!

The winners pretend that it was goodness
and respect and hard labor that created their
successful outcome. But pretense doesn't
recreate reality.

Don't let gullibility decide your fate.
See past the charade.
Choose well which path you take, based on
which outcome you wish to achieve.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Heart-- Like a Pecker-- is a Bad Lead to Follow

Seek a better balance between heart and mind!

Know your heart, but don't be ruled by it.

It's important to be informed about--
cognizant of-- emotions within, but to
refrain from being controlled by them.
And sugar-coating what you feel, attempting
to accommodate your sense of what is
'moral' doesn't help the processing.

Trying to maintain an attitude that is in
direct opposition to how things really are
can lead to cognitive dissonance!
Emotionally-led thinking, decisions made
with emotions, being swayed by conscience and
compassion are all paths to disaster.

Keep your emotions private--let others guess
what only you know.  Giving too much away
makes you vulnerable to the attacks of enemies--
and everyone who exists is a former enemy,
present enemy, or future enemy.

So that makes that easy to determine!
Exercise restraint and control to keep the
savages at bay.

There is great power in being an enigma
and constantly keeping them guessing.

Being a nice guy just isn't profitable.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Get It While It's HOT!

Get what you can,
while you can,
any which way you can.

Morality is subjective,
to say the least;
a construct of the rich
and powerful to keep
the rest of the world
poor, disaffected, and

'Morals' are fickle, transmutative,
regional, cultural, and
ultimately pointless.
They're applied through
tinted lenses and double

Morality won't feed you
or clothe you or warm you;
it has no pay-off beyond
wishful thinking and avoiding fear
of karmic or religious or
legal retribution.

Don't get played.
Don't be a sucker.
Don't buy the line.

Do what you need to do;
it's all relative.
The only important thing
is not getting caught.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


No one else can keep you down,
no one else can defeat you.

No one can keep you from playing,
enduring, and winning the game.
Only your lack of resolve, your weakness,
your doubt, your lack of dedication
can cause you to lose permanently.

Get tough.
Refuse others' dismissiveness.
Disregard their under-estimating.
Hold yourself in highest regard.
Be your own center of attention and command.
Be a juggernaut.
Learn savagery.
See through the bullshit.
Accept no one else's limitations.

Become fierce and relentless and
unapologetic and resourceful and
unstoppable. (Determination makes
anything possible.)Don't ask permission;
just take what you want.

It's survival of the fittest, and
you can become fit any time you choose.

Do you or don't you truly want to win?

Whatever it takes, Baby Cakes....


Monday, June 4, 2012

Denial Doesn't Change Results

No time for rest; Wake up and see the writing on the wall!

If you can't beat them,
join them
(or, claim their tactics,
at the least.)

Only a moron would
keep doing the same
thing repeatedly with no
change in outcome.

Don't deny the merits
of a winning strategy. If
it's one that gets results, no
matter how morally abhorrent
it may be to you, it's useful.
Worth investigating, at least.

Old mindsets of what is
'right' serve no purpose if
we're flailing and under the heel of
the oppressor. There's no reason
to maintain old 'standards' when
they fail to serve you.

Everything changes; choose to
be on the winning side of


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking Care of Business

When the beast rears its head,
you chop it off. No hesitation,
no confusion, no mercy.

Compassion is very much
weakness in the real world.

While you're busy feeling bad
and worrying and trying to
'do the right thing,'
people whom you feel all
touchy-feely about are
planning your demise.

Wholesome and zen is great
in concept, but ineffective when
your competition is working
to remove you ....and stab you
in the back.

All's fair in Love and War,
and love's just an illusion;
Life is definitely war.

Give an inch, and you may
not get the chance to keep
playing the game.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anyone's Prerogative

You can change your
mind, you know.

You have the ability.
You have the right.
You have permission.

If you find you need a
course correction
mid-stream, it's okay.

Our lives and choices
can be fluid--
like life itself--
though that is not 
what's presented.
Illusions of 'being stuck'
and mired exist to make
cowards feel less alone.

The world makes thoughts, lives,
and people seem black-and-white,
easily understood,
set-in-stone, limited...
but we're not.


Reality Check

Be an ass.

Toss out the fairy tales and Sunday
school nonsense that was shoveled
into you early;
asses go everywhere
and accomplish everything.

Pollyannas and submissives just
get pats on the heads and
consolation prizes.

Being sweet and cuddly
and demure helps out
other people, not you.

Being an aggressive ass
wins the race; this world
rewards dominance
and raw power.



Be present in
your own mind
and body,
heeding your own
drive and voice...
not hypnotized
and following
someone else's

Break apart.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

20. Bust Loose from the Pack

Setting yourself free from societal restraints and concerns
about what others think--whether they be friends, family,
enemies, co-workers, competitors, etc--is a long and arduous
task for most of us.

We are convinced since birth to question our ideas,
to doubt our abilities, to cave to the needs and wants of others.
There is no training class for individuality and independence,
yet most every success owes to separating from the
everyday method or style to find one's own path.

Breaking free of the pack,
letting your freak flag fly,
showing your true colors,
standing alone on a ledge,
coloring outside the box.

These useful euphemisms aren't just handy in living a
fuller life, they apply also to building a better mouse trap.

The restraints put in place in school rooms, churches,
and homes across the world are of no use
to anyone but the one's implementing them.
Control and suppression are the means
of forging a 'better' society in the eyes
of the Powers that be.

Fear of change and
fear of difference
and fear of others' success
are the cornerstones
for our society.

Realization that you are unique,
embracing it, and finding the strength
to embark and continue on a path
of least awareness
are hallmarks of innovative, imaginative,
and--ultimately--successful people.


Monday, January 23, 2012

19. Keep Reminders Handy

Every team, project, or goal usually involves at
least one acronym-using banner or theme!
They're shortened, easy-to-remember slogans
that help keep us on track.

Here are some simple and valuable ideas
for some you might want to incorporate
in your self-help strategies!


(if you want it done right)


No, definitely not 'Save Our Souls';
just the opposite!
Both financially with credit and loans,
and as much as possible in getting a hand up
from others. Unless you're in a position
to give back, being the constant recipient of a hand-out
is bad news.

This one's great because it has two
gems in one;
 is always a good axiom,
and so is

Sometimes you just have to tell a hater how
it is, and I do it by telling them to

Here's another with double mileage on it;

Adopt any of these that apply
or invent your own today!

In a crisis, short and sweet are
easier to recall than a long-winded
mission statement or anything too involved.

The bottom line is to keep the
goal in mind; how you do it is
(These go great on post-its and in
the car to keep you grounded
inbetween appointemnts
and on the phone!)