Tuesday, November 20, 2012


There simply isn't enough time to devote ourselves to all
that we take a fancy to or wish to indulge in. At some point,
tough choices have to be made in order to spend adequate
time dedicated to the things that need it. Choices have to be
made as to what exactly our priorities are.

It is often painful and difficult, but the action of being decisive
is what forms our personhood, our character, and the actual
form and track our life will take.

There is no guidebook; decisions in life aren't like the movies,
with clear, easy, emotionally black-and-white options. Life is
messy, convoluted and very grey. We have to sacrifice something
no matter what we do, and it's almost never a completely feel-good

They say that 'fortune favors the brave,' and that's largely true. I know
of few people who have something that didn't take a calculated risk in
order to be achieved. But only an individual can know what risk, when, and
where are right for them....and what outcomes can be dealt with adequately.
Rash decisions and gambling are something else all together!

Learning to interpret and trust our own intuition is a huge factor, too.
How we go about deciding (our attitude, energy, and the confidence we do--
or don't have) is seen by others and makes all the difference.

We just have to take what we know, get our thinking solid, and go with our gut.
Then commit ourselves to it and live with the results.

Because staying in limbo, wishing, praying, hoping, and--most
especially--endlessly considering what might happen...that's the way
of stagnation and despair. And the longer you stay there, the harder
it is to move forward in any direction.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nothing But the Push

It doesn't matter the length of time,
or the difficulty of the terrain,
the absence of supporters or witnesses,
how torn up and hassled and spent you are,
or how many times you have stop to get a second wind....

so long as you keep getting back up,
keep pushing through the pain,
believe in yourself,
and give it your personal best.

The race is won by those who
don't give up.

'Last place' still crosses
the damned finish line.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Make Yourself HEARD


(And VOTE for
a candidate
that will
your right to
continue to do so!)