Saturday, May 28, 2011

13. Esteem

In order to succeed and prosper you must first have an
appropriate level of self-esteem. A belief in self that is deep
and true, not merely a facade to impress or convince others.
It is not enough to have good ideas and be a good worker,
you must have the courage and belief in your own ways to
promote them at all costs.

Others will try and convince you that things like Ego, Selfishness,
Will Power, Determination, Self-centeredness, and other survival
modes are negatives, that they are destructive and even immoral.
But without the most basic sense of self-love, there is not even a
chance of  doing well in life.

We are our own best, greatest investor/cheerleader/supporter.
We have to be.

You may have to learn to sell yourself and the idea with more gusto,
or you may need to learn more people skills, business practice, etc
but unless you are willing to commit to 100% confidence and faith
in you--the bottom line--then all is for naught.

Own your own space.

Know that what you have is rock solid, and leave no room for doubt.
Because the world and your enemies and every friend you know has
not a single vested interest in anything concerning your success and
prosperity. You are utterly and incontrovertibly alone, and none will
mourn the failing of you or your dreams except you.

It's a hard fact, but it's sobering. You are the only person
you can ever truly count on.

So you'd better learn to like yourself. Love yourself. Be at one
with your ideas and your talent and your strengths. Because when the
time comes for the perseverance and dedication to get ugly, how you
feel on a gut level about your dreams and your abilities can not be faked.

This is the real game. No re-starts. No lifelines. No fairy godmothers
waving any magic wands.

If you can't fully stand behind what you want to do or who you are,
why on earth would anyone else want to?