Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thus Emerges the Hardcore Butterfly

Everyone has ulterior motives....


can be controlled....

is after something....

has something they'll kill for....

is sick....

is broken....

can be used....

can be beaten....

can be bought....

can be broken.

Open yourself to the game.

When you make the rules yourself,

anything goes.

Burst forth

with a transformed soul


"Do or Die"

opens up a whole new world

of possibilities.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Throw Aside the Blinders of Youth

When you choose between being a Top or a Bottom
in Life, choose carefully.
There are no rules or demands about being nice in
this life. We're trained like dogs to believe that thriving
is dependent upon 'goodness,' but that's a myth.

Outside of children's fairy tales, the act of being kind,
demure, nice, and friendly bear no positive impact on
most things in this world. In fact, these actions single you
out as a potential target.

Nice doesn't cut it. There's no profit in it.

Don't be intimidated by a change; 'mean' people know
not to waste their time with bullshit. They're keeping
themselves protected from useless chit chat, triviality,
kittens, neighbors, world peace; they're practical,
invested in self and gain, not impressing or pleasing
anyone else. 

They make the first strike, defensive. Tactical.
Decisive. We've been taught that 'mean' equals 'bad'
because 'mean' people (realistic folks, practical folks)
survive, and the ruling class wants no competition.

Keep protected against the slings and arrows and
bullshit of all others at all times. Survival isn't pretty,
and manners won't be required for these End Times.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Break Those Chains

Don't try to impress anyone;
care nothing for what they think, say,  or do.

Be nonplussed at all times; Have no expectation of anyone or anything.

Be Zen; practice Detachment.

Develop perspective; unaffected by all, knowing that nothing man does
bears significance for you.

Embracing the impermanence of everything...opinion, slander, debate,
jealousy, conflict, etc.

In your own world, concerns.

Focused on your own stuff, your own needs, your own agenda, your
own tasks, your own survival.

Dress how you want, do what you want, go where you want, say what you
want...the ability to be powerful is taken, not permitted. Take on the
repercussions for a live of freedom head-on.

Think for yourself, sing and dance when you want, cease catering to others.

Be 'inappropriate', be intolerant, be dismissive, be's good for
people to see different things, to not always have things their way, to be
exposed and to question.

Set your own standards and rules. Accept being Unique unto self.