Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pushing Through

Often times we can hit a wall with pretty much anything
that threatens to stall us out, aggravate us, discourage us,
or distract us. A stumbling block can turn into a sense of
an impenetrable wall, if we allow it.

When we get sidetracked from a goal or task, or even life
itself, it's important to regroup. In life, we typically don't
feel like doing what we do, but have to do it anyway.

A hurt leg, a tired body, wounded pride...these can all
add to a negative vibe, low energy, or stilted motivation.
But it's in those moments we have to find strength deep
inside and push through.

Sometimes it can even be the seemingly endless hurdles we find

ourselves jumping through, with frustration being the result of
no end in sight and no progress evident.

If we wait for perfect moments or obvious opportunities,
nothing will ever be accomplished. If we want to achieve
anything of importance, we can't let our thoughts or actions
or schedules be defined or guided by our state of mind or body.

If we're honest, most times these aches, pains, heartaches,
and musings are just excuses to opt out of efforts that are
frightening or difficult. But the way we become stronger is to
push through and fully experience pain and fear. Whether it's
the task we're avoiding or the actual symptom that is holding
us back.

When I get waylaid by pain and problems, I just remind myself
of the heroic struggles of people without legs or arms who get
up and face challenges every day, or someone similarly in a
position that far outweighs my mediocre plight. That helps me
to gain perspective on the matter.

But I also pep talk myself and positively talk my way through it,
finding strength and resolve in myself, as well as desensitizing
the difficult as being 'just another aspect of life.'

It also helps to rededicate yourself to what it is you feel is
important. Refresh it in your mind and keep it vitally visual at all
times. (If you're having trouble with knowing exactly what you want
or working towards a specific task, just handle one set of basic tasks
or hurdles at a time so you can get that sense of accomplishment.)

The struggle and the pain is just a part of the journey.
Try not to use it as an excuse to sit the race out.


Monday, September 10, 2012

bare knuckle