Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking Care of Business

When the beast rears its head,
you chop it off. No hesitation,
no confusion, no mercy.

Compassion is very much
weakness in the real world.

While you're busy feeling bad
and worrying and trying to
'do the right thing,'
people whom you feel all
touchy-feely about are
planning your demise.

Wholesome and zen is great
in concept, but ineffective when
your competition is working
to remove you ....and stab you
in the back.

All's fair in Love and War,
and love's just an illusion;
Life is definitely war.

Give an inch, and you may
not get the chance to keep
playing the game.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anyone's Prerogative

You can change your
mind, you know.

You have the ability.
You have the right.
You have permission.

If you find you need a
course correction
mid-stream, it's okay.

Our lives and choices
can be fluid--
like life itself--
though that is not 
what's presented.
Illusions of 'being stuck'
and mired exist to make
cowards feel less alone.

The world makes thoughts, lives,
and people seem black-and-white,
easily understood,
set-in-stone, limited...
but we're not.


Reality Check

Be an ass.

Toss out the fairy tales and Sunday
school nonsense that was shoveled
into you early;
asses go everywhere
and accomplish everything.

Pollyannas and submissives just
get pats on the heads and
consolation prizes.

Being sweet and cuddly
and demure helps out
other people, not you.

Being an aggressive ass
wins the race; this world
rewards dominance
and raw power.



Be present in
your own mind
and body,
heeding your own
drive and voice...
not hypnotized
and following
someone else's

Break apart.