Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Mystery IS the Good Stuff

Mystery is the best part....and here's why!

The less you know, the better most things are--from
restaurant food preparation to people's histories to the
creative process behind your favorite TV show.

Nowhere, though, is this more true than in relationships.

The less time spent together, the less in-depth the talks,
the less emotions and thoughts and personal past we
share with each other (both false and edited and purely
subjective versions,) the better the chances we'll still
get along in our mutual pretense of getting along.

The Honeymoon Phase works because it's the limited
access phase where we are basing all our good feelings
on the best impression/limited understanding/projecting
our own interpretation portion of the show.

Once shit starts getting real, the magic wears off.

Good feelings exist when there hasn't been sufficient time
to develop bad feelings. Prolong it as long as possible.

And when you've extracted all the goodness from it and
there's nowhere to go but deeper; time to move on.