Saturday, December 31, 2011

18. FIGHT!










This is your life and your dream.

If you don't fight for it fervently and tirelessly, who will?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

17. Taking Chances

We live in a world of tit-for-tat; nothing comes easy, nothing
is free, nothing comes without a price in direct balance to what
is gained.

Sometimes you know up front what a sacrifice will entail, other
times you take a chance and find out later. Getting what you
need is more important than worrying over a debt.

This world runs on compromise, sacrifice, and bartering.
No one gets everything they want, and they definitely have
to part with something else to get it (whether it be peace of
mind, politeness, family, love, security, treasures, innocence,
a false sense of security, etc.)

All relationships exist in a state of imbalance...
all treasures are acquired by being in relationship
to the world or others in the world. There must be
a partnership or a dependence on others who possess the
talents or insights that you do not. In order to achieve such
a mutually beneficial status, we may have to give away things
we don't wish to. Life is constant receiving and sending, 
gain and loss. 

You get what you get --what you want--only by virtue of
willingness to do without other desired treasures....
by virtue of who you're willing to get in bed with...
by virtue of how much chaos and change you are capable of

Indebtedness, concealment, conciliation, are all part of the
ride and the price we pay (at one point or another) to the
piper. So whenever possible, breaking free and letting loose
the shackles is vital. Vital to reclaiming our lives, placing our
mark, and stretching our creative legs. And there's no sure-fire
guarantee with taking chances or going off the beaten path.

No more idealizing, no more imposed hegemony, no more naivete.

To know the true workings of this world is to open one's self
to the ravenously scurrilous and unpredictable nature of things;
there's no going back. To want something to be different from
what has always been... to seek to make your vision(s) manifest...
that is the ultimate chance.

Nothing is promised, all promises are lies, and handshakes
simply mean you know you've made a deal with the devil.
Step out into the nothingness and see what transpires.


Friday, November 11, 2011

16. Adaptability

"In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense
of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best
to their environment."

    - Charles Darwin

No matter all the planning or preparation in the world,
life will continuously evolve in ways unexpected and
undesired. It is our ability to adapt to such changes
and circumstances that will allow us to continue to
move forward.

Like any other area of life, if you are not ready with
an ability to release and redirect with the flow of things,
you will be run over or left behind.

Things is the nature of the world we live
in. We might not like it, we might not be prepared,
and we might prefer other outcomes. But when push
comes to shove, we have to know when to hold 'em
and when to fold 'em.

There are fights you can win, and there are fights that
simply distract you from the greater and larger picture.
Growing, adapting, changing, and transforming the self
and our plans is an ever-needed quality.

If you don't possess it, you might want to look into
developing it!

Being fluid allows for relinquishing the rigidity that
keeps us stale and stuck. It puts us in the flow of life.
We end up where we need to be, as opposed to where
we thought we 'should' be. How could we possibly
know enough to predict what will happen in all the world?

Keep your options open; goals and plans are wonderful,
but there are always alternatives. You can maintain
principles while making adjustments to your strategy.

At the end of the day, it's not strength, expertise, nor
talent that wins it. It's insight, deciphering future trends,
changing what needs changing. Releasing expectations
instead of staying fixated and focused and attached to
your own vision at the expense of anything else.
Rolling with the punches.

Evolving isn't easy, but it's the only way to survive
and see what comes next.


Monday, August 29, 2011

15. Networking

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our
fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions
run as causes, and they come back to us as effects."

-Herman Melville

Whether we like it or not, connectivity is the reality of our world.

We don't live in a vacuum, and we can't function as an island.
No matter our level of self-sufficiency, we still must depend
on others in various capacities to accomplish our goals.

We might need powerful references to attain a job, or
to get our foot in the door. We might need a computer tech
to make our dream realized. We might need contacts in
other arenas to provide information and ideas in our own field
or department. The more fingers and ears you have, the better
equipped you are to handle things.

No matter what the presentation of a successful man that he
is self-made, that is only a part of the tale. There are many
along the way who assisted and led and tutored him into success!

Henry Ford was famous for a scene in which he was being
criticized for being illiterate, and he pointed to his phone and
noted that 'all he had to do was push any button on that phone
and get an expert in 20 different fields. Including spelling!'

It doesn't matter how it gets done; only that it gets done.

We all have need of resources, relationships, connections,
and networks that will provide us with help along the way.
Even if you feel you have nothing to offer in return initially,
there are folks who can help. The time for you to scratch
their back may come later, or they may simply take an
interest in helping someone who's sincerely trying.

You can't know the answer unless you ask the question.

Put pride to the side and start taking steps to build up your
network of friends, connections, and tutors. You can never
have too many friends.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

14. Consistency

It's important to note that the famous quote is often mis-spoken;
It is only the "foolish consistency which is the hobgoblin of little
minds." If you're focused on greatness, then consistency is the thing
which can carry you through.

Consistency, patience, persistence; they all go hand in hand.

Life is more about the tedium and the regularity than the drama
and the big events; wait long enough and everything under the sun
comes back around. If you're smart enough and staid enough to
notice this and restrain from impetuousness, you may get the prize.

One's commitment to personal goals and planning is key here, too.
If you are easily run off or scared...if you don't believe fully enough
in self and have a dedication to the long haul, success will likely evade
you. Dedication in heart, energy, time, and resources.

We live in a time of expectation of fast paybacks, and pitifully
short attention spans. (cough cough--computers--cough cough!)
If we don't have a consistency to work ethic, calling potential clients,
building relationships, glad-handing, passing out cards, posting links to
our business, turning in applications--just plain damned TRYING--we
can't complain when it doesn't happen.

It may take a hundred efforts and attempts for me to get just a one or
two day job. If that's what it's what it takes. The alternative is

Following through means keeping vision strong and keeping spirit high.

We can't allow setbacks and difficulties to derail us; they are an inevitable
part of life. They aren't personal. They aren't the end. They aren't defeat.
We can't let 'lacking' outweigh 'trying.'

Keep going, keep going, keep going...until it happens.
Don't lose out on a dream--or even basic survival--because you gave up
too early. Stick-to-it-iveness is essential!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

13. Esteem

In order to succeed and prosper you must first have an
appropriate level of self-esteem. A belief in self that is deep
and true, not merely a facade to impress or convince others.
It is not enough to have good ideas and be a good worker,
you must have the courage and belief in your own ways to
promote them at all costs.

Others will try and convince you that things like Ego, Selfishness,
Will Power, Determination, Self-centeredness, and other survival
modes are negatives, that they are destructive and even immoral.
But without the most basic sense of self-love, there is not even a
chance of  doing well in life.

We are our own best, greatest investor/cheerleader/supporter.
We have to be.

You may have to learn to sell yourself and the idea with more gusto,
or you may need to learn more people skills, business practice, etc
but unless you are willing to commit to 100% confidence and faith
in you--the bottom line--then all is for naught.

Own your own space.

Know that what you have is rock solid, and leave no room for doubt.
Because the world and your enemies and every friend you know has
not a single vested interest in anything concerning your success and
prosperity. You are utterly and incontrovertibly alone, and none will
mourn the failing of you or your dreams except you.

It's a hard fact, but it's sobering. You are the only person
you can ever truly count on.

So you'd better learn to like yourself. Love yourself. Be at one
with your ideas and your talent and your strengths. Because when the
time comes for the perseverance and dedication to get ugly, how you
feel on a gut level about your dreams and your abilities can not be faked.

This is the real game. No re-starts. No lifelines. No fairy godmothers
waving any magic wands.

If you can't fully stand behind what you want to do or who you are,
why on earth would anyone else want to?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Once you have an initial goal in mind, the key is to
attack it with fervor. Goodness knows the number of
jobs I have held where I worked my fingers to the bone,
long hours and little pay, no reward or consideration, and
still I kept at it. I at least owe it to myself to maintain that
same sense of drive for my own interests.

We all have a domesticated willingness to devalue self 
and a subservience, because that is what society teaches;
we must have the will to break free. Will power is
necessary to accomplish anything, and it's frowned upon
by many as 'bad' because it makes the difference between
making it (and being competition for the 'winners') or
failing (and playing right into the hands of the manipulative
Commitment to your goals, the drive to keep at it no matter
what, and the push to make your own ideas come to pass
are all crucial for being successful. All of these practical
applications require more than lip service; they require true
force of will. Mind over matter.

You have to decide in your mind to succeed and that
you are dedicated to it regardless of the risk or results
or recriminations. You have to mentally prepare and be
determined before it can happen. (Knowing you can do it
also ties directly into esteem, so see step 13 for more on that.)

Dedication is perseverance. Doing the work that needs
doing no matter the difficulty. Complaints are of no
significance. Circumstance are of no importance. "Ain't no
use in complainin'...when there's a job to do..." And it has to be
actual and gut level; faking it won't cut it. You aren't being
paranoid; people are out to get you. (In fact, look only to
self to find the one person who truly supports your dreams.)

You can move  a 4-bedroom house full of furniture with
only your own body and will power, if you decide to.

You can take a diagnosis of a  'terminal illness' the 'medical
community' said would take you in 6 months time, and survive
hale and hearty for 4 & 1/2 years...if you decide to.

You can build a house your own way...
you can make a living your own way...
you can put a message on a van...
If you can imagine it, it can become reality.

Eyes on the prize.
Bottom line it.
Stick to it.
"Whatever it takes, Babycakes."