Thursday, April 11, 2013

Put the Cart Before the Horse

Oh, girl! THAT ain't it!!
If you waited for other people to catch on to what a find you are or recognize how much talent you have,
you'd be wasting a whole lot of precious breath and

You don't wait for others to pay heed...
you can't hope that others will notice your work ethic...
the old adages you were taught about modesty and
demurity being virtues were horseshit-cubed!

You have to TELL your talents.....
shout your own abilities....
brag on your accomplishments.

BELIEVE in yourself even and especially when no one else
seems to. (Or, more apt, when the world runs you down!)

That's the ticket, Captain!
The only way to get ahead is to force your way ahead.
The only thing soft-spoken and kind-hearted gets you
is a seat at the back of the bus.

So break out your bullhorn or your megaphone,
start working on a booming big-boy/big-girl voice,
draw attention to your hard work and efforts, and
if all else fails; be pleased with yourself!

Part of not waiting for others to fall in line is acting
like you've already achieved everything you want.

Confidence inspires the same, whereas humility and
timidity get you overlooked and stepped on.

Give yourself the approval, the 'thumbs up,' the
pat on the back.

It's kill or be killed in the world, and subtlety and
humility are just an invitation to make you the appetizer.