Thursday, March 15, 2012

20. Bust Loose from the Pack

Setting yourself free from societal restraints and concerns
about what others think--whether they be friends, family,
enemies, co-workers, competitors, etc--is a long and arduous
task for most of us.

We are convinced since birth to question our ideas,
to doubt our abilities, to cave to the needs and wants of others.
There is no training class for individuality and independence,
yet most every success owes to separating from the
everyday method or style to find one's own path.

Breaking free of the pack,
letting your freak flag fly,
showing your true colors,
standing alone on a ledge,
coloring outside the box.

These useful euphemisms aren't just handy in living a
fuller life, they apply also to building a better mouse trap.

The restraints put in place in school rooms, churches,
and homes across the world are of no use
to anyone but the one's implementing them.
Control and suppression are the means
of forging a 'better' society in the eyes
of the Powers that be.

Fear of change and
fear of difference
and fear of others' success
are the cornerstones
for our society.

Realization that you are unique,
embracing it, and finding the strength
to embark and continue on a path
of least awareness
are hallmarks of innovative, imaginative,
and--ultimately--successful people.